Want to Sell Your Stuff at Auction?
Frequently Asked Questions for Consignors

1. What Types of Items Do You Accept for Your Auctions?

Well, we'd like to say we sell only Rembrandts, Van Goghs, Tiffany Lamps and Original Remington Bronzes, but that's not quite exactly the truth. While we do get a good amount of high-end items (Like, Paintings for $120,000 and $136,000, and a Rare Chinese Screen for $230,000), the truth of the matter is we sell a huge variety of antiques and collectibles, from low-to-medium-to-high-end. These items include, but are not limited to, Chinese Antiques, Antique Furniture, Oriental Rugs, 50's, 60's, 70's Mid-Century Modern Furniture, Ornate Lighting Fixtures and Mirrors, Figurines, Lamps, Pottery Porcelain, Art Glass, Depression Glass, Carnival Glass, Stemware, Perfumes, Oriental Items, Antique Jewelry, Gold Jewelry (Both Antique & Contemporary), Vintage Costume Jewelry, Bakelite, Collectible Pens, Pocketwatches, Good-Quality or Antq. Wristwatches, Bronzes, Oil Paintings, Prints, Sculpture, Ephemera, Stamps, First Edition & Other Collectible Books, Advertising Items, Old Toys & Dolls, Antique or High-Quality Cameras, Crocks, Floor Lamps, Garden Statuary & Architectural Items, Stained & Leaded Glass Windows, Tapestries, Fancywork, an Occasional Automobile, etc., etc.

Many of the items we auction come from estates, collections, people who are moving, people who are divorcing, people who need a little bit more space and a little less stuff, and people who just love to find treasures and sell them for more than they paid for them (Think American Pickers, for Example). We like to sell items that are desirable, that will get people jazzed and excited - NOT junk. Unfortunately, there is a fine line sometimes between a desirable collectible and junk. If you're not sure if you have gems or junk, let us know and we'll help you determine what you've got and what it's worth. We're Experts at it, as our Team has been Dealing with Estate Goods for 30, 40, and 50 Years.

2. What Are Your Commission Rates? (Walk-In Items Only, Estates are Dealt with on a Case-by-Case Basis)

10% For Any Item Bringing $4,000 or More
15% For Any Item Bringing $1,000 to $3,999
20% For Any Item Bringing $500 to $999
25% For Any Item Bringing $100 to $499
$25 Flat Fee For Unsold Items or Any Item Bringing Under $100

Sample Consignment:

1. Small Oil Painting by Edwin Harris - $5,500
2. White Jade Antique Chinese Small Carving - $1,100
3. Lg. Reproduction Bronze on Marble of Woman with Cherub, Artist Unknown - $600
4. Roseville Snowberry Vase - $125
5. Box Lot of Miscellanous Items - $40

Total Sold = $6,540
Commissions = $751.25
Your Check After Commissions = $5,788.75

As you can see from this example, the Edwin Harris Painting went really well, as it should (We had a Larger Painting by this Artist Bring $10,000 in the past). Since it brought over $4,000, the commission rate on that item is 10%, or $550.00. The White Jade Antique Carving sold pretty well also, bringing $1,100, so the commission rate on that piece is 15%, or $165. The Reproduction Bronze did Pretty well too, $600, so the commission rate on that was 20%, or $120. The Roseville Snowberry Vase brought $125, so the commission rate on that vase is 25%, or $31.25. Finally, the Box Lot of Miscellanous Items brought $40, so since it brought under $80, the Commission Rate was a Flat $25.

One Lesson to be Learned Here is to try to bring to auction the items of better worth, and you will get a lower commission rate overall. If most of your items are of little worth, they may not be worth auctioning at all, and for your sake and for our sake we might want to take a pass on those items. If you need a little guidance as to whether your item is of any value, please phone us or stop by with your item. We will advise you on your piece to the best of our ability, and if you have a good number of items, yes, we do make house calls...!

Generally, if you don't think your item or grouping will bring $100 easily, it's best to keep adding similiar items to the lot to enhance it a little. When it comes to making lots for auction, the more the merrier. That is to say the more (nice items grouped together), the merrier (the consignor will be when they get their check).

In general, when consigning at auction, results can be somewhat unpredictable. One thing we can say for sure is that your items will bring fair market value on the day your items are auctioned. Since the Internet is "the great equalizer", generally, high-quality items will bring good money wherever the items are auctioned, provided they were marketed well, using a Worldwide Internet Platform. We use two of the Best Internet Platforms that for our Higher-End Auctions, to Ensure you get great representation for your High Quality Items. Overall, Some things may bring way more than you expect, some things may bring less. But overall, the vast majority of our clients are very pleased with the results we deliver and the speed of payment (We have a check ready for you 9 days after the auction in most cases). There are very few auction houses that pay out that quickly, as in, almost None. Most of the auction houses in our area require your item to be placed in a specialty-theme auction (which could take up to 2-3 months), and then you wait one month after that to get your check mailed to you. With our auctions, your items are brought to auction usually within a 2-5 week period, and you are paid 8 days after the auction! And, you can pick up your check in Person on Settlement Day! It doesn't get any better than that...!!!

The rates quoted above are our standard commission rates. Our commission rates may differ for different situations and clients.

3. What Days and Hours are You Open For Bringing in Consignments?

We are Open For Consignments Monday thru Saturday, 9:30 A.M. to 5:45 P.M. However, we Implore you to Call Ahead at 773-465-3300, or Text Photos to 224-465-3686, before Bringing them. We want to make sure your items will be Placed in the Appropriate Auction (High-End or Low-End), so we Don't Want you Bringing Stuff at the Wrong Time...

The Best Time to Bring Consignments in is the three days after the last auction. This allows us plenty of time for us to advertise the quality items the best way that we can, by listing them on the internet, picturing them on the internet, and so on. Not only that, but the people who are picking up items from the last auction will see your stuff, and they may decide to come to the next auction and bid on it!

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