The Most Important Things About Buying at Auction Are:

Get to the preview and check everything out thoroughly.

When you buy at auction, everything is sold as/is, so make sure to check everything out first. Some things will have defects you might not see from afar. On the other hand, you may spot some excellent items in a box lot that others, who did not preview, did not see. It is to your best advantage, as a dealer or collector, to preview.

Set Your Limit on an Item and Stick To It!

Much as we would like you to, don't get carried away by the heat of the moment. Figure out what you are willing to bid, and do not exceed that limit. Also, remember to add in the 17% Buyer's Premium (For Bidding in Person, with an Absentee Bid Left Here, and on or 22% (If Bidding through the LiveAuctioneers Platform) and the 10 1/4% Sales' Tax, when applicable.

If You're Really Chicken, or can't make it to the Auction, Leave an Absentee Bid.

With an absentee bid, you have less flexibility in your bidding. You can't go higher than your limit. You also can't use clever bidding tactics to spook competitors or try to "steal" an item. But for rookies to the auction scene, those too busy to attend, and those people who don't want to even be seen at the auction, the absentee bid is the way to go.

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